Add a countdown timer to your website, blog, or emails to increase engagement on a marketing event, product sale, or a launch. Increase traffic, sign-ups, awareness, and word of mouth by keeping your events at the top of your client's and customer's minds.
Use a countdown timer to countdown to an imporant launch event and include it in all pre-launch marketing materials include embedding a countdown timer in blogs and blog posts, marketing websites, and other digital marketing materials.
Embed a dynamic countdown timer in your emails to increase your return on investment through higher conversion rates. Letting your customers know when a campaign, deal, or sale is going to finish will remind them to take action faster and decrease the number of reminders you'll need to communicate back. A simple but strong tool to use to increase conversion for you ecommerce sales and campaigns.
Developers and engineers can concentrate on solving hard and complex problems because embedding a countdown timer into a website or an email is as easy as embedding an image using your favourite content management system (CMS) or email tool. There's zero programming experience required because we even generate the HTML for you to use. There's no need to know any JavaScript or any other programming language to use a countdown timer.
Deliver a highly effective message with a countdown timer and increase your return on investment with a low-cost marketing tool.